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Teeth Whitening/Bleaching.


Having a whiter, brighter, more dazzling smile has never been easier! In fact, more and more people across our country are requesting whitening treatments as it has become the most popular smile enhancement treatment in the United States. Dr. Ferrari and her team offer excellent whitening options with immediate results. In less than an hour your teeth can be whitened up to twelve shades brighter (on average eight shades) with the use of the most advanced, patented, in-office laser whitening devices.
According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, most Americans associate healthy white teeth with success in love and business.
If you are looking for immediate improvement Dr. Ferrari has available in her office two systems of whitening, ZOOM and Sapphire!
Dr. Ferrari also offers custom fabricated take home kits as well. These kits are made exclusively molded to fit your own teeth and help you maintain you bright smile through a 30 minutes touch up at home.
Dr. Ferrari through a detail exam will evaluate your teeth and gums for good oral health. Next, as you relax in the chair, Dr. Ferrari will discuss with you the options available that will suit your case. Then, based on her expertise and experience, she will recommend what she believes to be the best options for you.

How white will my teeth get?

The whitening systems have individual results depending on each different case. A good evaluation will determined which system will be appropriate for you.
How long does it last?

The long-term results depend primarily on the individual. Certain habits, such as the use of tobacco products, drinking a lot of coffee, tea, dark soft drinks, and infrequent visits to the dentist for regular cleanings can work against the optimum results. Regular professional care and use of Professional Whitening Maintenance Products that Dr. Ferrari can provide you may help maintain your whiteness for 1-2 years. Some people prefer to do whitening treatment more frequently.

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