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Brushing your teeth before bed

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….go to bed without brushing your teeth?

Skipping a night of brushing is not ideal.” Bacteria have a heyday in your mouth when you are sleeping ,since they love the dark,moist environment, and you don’t produce enough saliva at night to wash them all away.” A good recommendation from Dr.Ferrari , get a good oral hygiene before bed ,it is  a worth a health smile!

My gums are puffy, tender and bleed when I brush my teeth. Am I facing gum disease?

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Answer: All the signs and symptoms described could be diagnosed as gum disease. You might consider a comprehensive evaluation with a professional to determine the correct diagnose and treatment.

I am going to have teeth extractions and I would like to know if there is any natural medication to prevent swelling and bruising?

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Answer: Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory. At times, it may be recommended to start 3-5 days prior to a procedure and continuously for 7 days after the procedure.

Question of the day! How can a dispose an unused prescription medications?

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Answer: While it may be convenient to throw your medications in the trash or flush down to the toilet, enough of them can contaminate our water supply, negatively impact eco-systems and cause untold health problems. Dispose of your old medications safely by asking your pharmacist for advise.

First Off All…

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Brush and floss your teeth every day.