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Culver City Dental Center Dentist Culver City Articles


Culver City Dentist Dr. Cristiana Ferrari's personal commitment is to offer the highest quality dentistry in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Following graduation in 1989; Dr. Ferrari began perfecting her skills by studying and training the new advancements in dentistry.

Dentist in Culver City Dr. Ferrari has a gentle warm touch and she is always available to just listen. Combining the many hours of high level of training in all different areas of dentistry, she is an excellent, caring, and skilled dentist.

Attending over 100 hours annually of continuing dental education courses, Dr. Ferrari strives to provide the best technology in dentistry.

For patients who are apprehensive about visiting the dentist, she offers a soothing and calming atmosphere as well as sedation dentistry that allow the patient to have a work done when they are sleeping.

She utilizes a digital cavity detector, a device that detects cavities in an early stage.

In two visits she can straighten your teeth with Venners or Luminners, sometimes without any reduction of tooth structure.

Certified by Invisalign and Clear Correct she also offers these new advanced clear brace technique that allows the patients to straight their teeth without any wires.

Dr. Ferrari truly believes that with a simple whitening procedure; patients can get a fresh,
youthful, and bright smile in 45 minutes. She is proud to announce that she utilizes more than one whitening system such as ZOOM Power Advance and Sapphire.

She provides all types of restorative implants and all types of metal free restorations such as Onlays, Inlays, and Crowns.

Culver City Family Dental Center invites you for a free consultation.

We are located at 5859 Uplander Way, or information call 310-6425999.

I need a dentist advice.Can I skip a night of brushing?

It is not ideal skipping your night brushing because you don’t produce enough saliva at night to wash bacteria all away.But it takes a lot more than a night off from brushing to erode your enamel.


Ask Dr. Ferrari

Does the teeth whitening products can harm your teeth? Answer:The teeth whitening products are available and used in different systems as toothpaste, strips,gel used with trays or gel used with light.The higher concentration ones are require to be used under a professional supervision.When the products are used properly they are safe and harmless.


Brushing your teeth before bed

….go to bed without brushing your teeth? Skipping a night of brushing is not ideal.” Bacteria have a heyday in your mouth when you are sleeping ,since they love the dark,moist environment, and you don’t produce enough saliva at night to wash them all away.” A good recommendation from Dr.Ferrari , get a good oral hygiene […]


My gums are puffy, tender and bleed when I brush my teeth. Am I facing gum disease?

Answer: All the signs and symptoms described could be diagnosed as gum disease. You might consider a comprehensive evaluation with a professional to determine the correct diagnose and treatment.


I am going to have teeth extractions and I would like to know if there is any natural medication to prevent swelling and bruising?

Answer: Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory. At times, it may be recommended to start 3-5 days prior to a procedure and continuously for 7 days after the procedure.


Question of the day! How can a dispose an unused prescription medications?

Answer: While it may be convenient to throw your medications in the trash or flush down to the toilet, enough of them can contaminate our water supply, negatively impact eco-systems and cause untold health problems. Dispose of your old medications safely by asking your pharmacist for advise.


First Off All…

Brush and floss your teeth every day.